I used to look for signs, beg for signs. I talked to the moon, the stars, the setting sun. I looked for green flashes on the horizon. I listened to cooing doves, watched lingering hummingbirds, marveled at dancing dolphins. Looked for all of life’s metaphors. When I hear that during surgeryContinue reading “ANGELS GATE”

Paper Whites

  Writing? What writing? As I stare at this white paper, empty and yet pregnant with doubts about being a writer, I can only think about my recent past and how I’ve made that my excuse for not writing. Another new year and it seems I’ve lost all seeds of inspiration. If not for pictures,Continue reading “Paper Whites”

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

    Well, for one thing, I did a lot of waiting this summer! Those who know me and judge from my cover, think I’m always on vacation, honestly it’s mostly work- related or some family event. Plus, it’s the way I choose to live life. And that doesn’t mean that while I’m riding theContinue reading “What I Did On My Summer Vacation”

Christmas in Duarte

I submitted this last year for a young man (his homeys called him “Christmas”) I had the pleasure of knowing him for only a brief moment of his short 16-year old life. He was too young to die and it’s too soon to forget Chris’s smile. His homeys called him Christmas for the gifts heContinue reading “Christmas in Duarte”