The drone of a plane awakens me out of a peaceful slumber. They’re coming to save us! Like paratroopers landing on the beaches of Normandy. But history shows what happened on D-Day. And there will be casualties of war. I’ve awakened into a bad dream and strain to hear the ghost planes –those ghost riders, phantom fighters my husband heard asContinue reading “GHOST PLANES, GUILT AND GOONEYS”

Paper Whites

  Writing? What writing? As I stare at this white paper, empty and yet pregnant with doubts about being a writer, I can only think about my recent past and how I’ve made that my excuse for not writing. Another new year and it seems I’ve lost all seeds of inspiration. If not for pictures,Continue reading “Paper Whites”


I know it’s not all about me, but I can’t ignore my heart. It hurts. Yes, it’s been easier to put it out of my mind when it’s somewhere else way across the ocean, but now there’s just been too much tragedy hitting too close to home in rapid-fire succession. And now it’s October, NationalContinue reading “TOO MUCH”