Sixty is the New Forty Says the Aging Writer

I’ll be sixty in a week. There I said it! And I can throw myself a pity party if I want to! There’s a lot written about the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of it all. To that end, I’ve chosen to write specifically about the two goals I’ve set that I must accomplish inContinue reading “Sixty is the New Forty Says the Aging Writer”

Wow! I Should’ve Had a VB6!

Damn! I’ve reached the age where all you do is talk about your health and your new aches and pains (to feel is to know you’re alive, right?) But, I am blessed and so lucky to have a daughter whose job it is to listen to us folks in the AARP demographics. Years of dietingContinue reading “Wow! I Should’ve Had a VB6!”

Stage 3: Glow White & The Seven Nuclear Reactors

Menopause Diaries was to be the working title for a blog I wanted to start a year ago, until I realized I didn’t really want to just complain about this, I wanted to find a cure! Besides, I saw that there were too many other similar forums (even some with the same title) out thereContinue reading “Stage 3: Glow White & The Seven Nuclear Reactors”