Do You Pop Out at Parties? Boots or Huaraches?

Speaking of Presidents, Poop, Paltrow and Parties (yesterday’s blog), do you pop out at parties? Do you feel unpoopular? Well, do you? This is something I’d like to explore about myself and welcome your comments and feedback. We all feel different at times and sometimes unpopular. I know I have and it’s all about perspective,Continue reading “Do You Pop Out at Parties? Boots or Huaraches?”

The President, The Poop Pump and Paltrow

SHut up, suit up and show up. It’s a dirty job, but some of us only get to pilot a client’s yacht to the poop pump. Mooring with a failed engine, a tricky maneuver especially when dumping waste at the pump. But, hey, we all do what we gotta do, and as I jump fromContinue reading “The President, The Poop Pump and Paltrow”