The doctor has called to give us a choice. What? Death by cancer or death by COVID 19?


Cover us. We’re going in! I’ve got your six, Honey. But I’ll have to take cover in the car.

We’re going into do battle today — up against another beast. We’ll strap on our weapons and don our masks and gloves and head on over to UCLA Medical Center.

Damn! We were half way through the treatments — today one treatment closer to the finish line and now this – World War III. 

Oncology isn’t E.R., but still they say sneezing can shoot like bullets up to 27 feet, droplets suspend like paratroopers up to 10 minutes. I don’t want my husband to risk being exposed. 

I think about those in retirement or nearing it; those Veterans of war who’ve already served and fought other battles.  Is this their reward?

I think about those who’ve worked so hard, scrimped and saved. Will they get to check things off their bucket list? 

I suppose this is why we’re to live everyday like it’s our last. Get our houses in order, make our amends, and tell our loved ones we love them. Pop a bottle of Champagne just because.

Drive to the hospital with the top down, but wear a mask and gloves!

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