Words Don’t Fail Me Now!

I just read an interesting article in “Medium” by Brian Kurian entitled “3 of the Most Effective Ways to Fail as a Writer. https://writingcooperative.com/3-of-the-most-effective-ways-to-fail-as-a-writer-11eb7ea6a048

Well, so far, I’m able to check all three boxes that would qualify me as writing a failure, I used to love writing. Right now I don’t know what’s going on with me, except that here are the 3 sure-fire ways I’m killing my writing career:

#1 — Be Insecure About The Quality Of Your Writing

Just because I’ve received probably over a hundred rejection letters (more like impersonal form rejection notices) that don’t give any reasons/feedback whatsoever. What else can I think but that it’s because of the quality of my writing? (To be honest, I do have a novel coming out “Curse of the Ninth” sometime soon, but it’s still with the editor, and I do have other writing just floating around out there in the ether!)

#2 — Don’t Absorb High-Quality Content

I guess Facebook and “Potty Time With Elmo” don’t count.

#3 — Don’t Make Writing A High-Priority

Okay, so this morning 12/17/18, I’m setting aside some time to write some content. Now that the frenzy of funerals and fires are over, the house hunting, taxes, banking, Christmas shopping, grand-babysitting, and husband will just have to wait because I am a writer who doesn’t want to fail. Just putting it out there! (But how can I resist these two little loves of my life, who when they call, I go running!)0729f684-54e9-4e3b-84ae-1dd213a3d7b7


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