Wow! I Should’ve Had a VB6!

huarachesDamn! I’ve reached the age where all you do is talk about your health and your new aches and pains (to feel is to know you’re alive, right?) But, I am blessed and so lucky to have a daughter whose job it is to listen to us folks in the AARP demographics.

Years of dieting (starving myself) and trying to eat right: tons of salads, little red meat, little starch, low fat and no sugar (except my Chardonnay and red wine for the heart, right?) and exercise: tennis, jogging, gym, and I thought I’d escaped the family disease. (I am only pre-diabetic, however, but my cholesterol is still off the charts.) Unbelievable! Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins have all passed, while others are living with full-blown diabetes. Like I say though, I am lucky and blessed and perhaps there is something I can do about it without having to stick myself with needles like I remember Grandma Cuca having to do everyday (she was always so grumpy, now I know why!) My challenge is to learn more.

Perhaps, a vegan-based diet before 6 (VB6) like the one in the article my daughter sent me. Wow, I could’ve had a VB6!

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